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Solpor, The Lazy Sunset by DreamweaverofChaos Solpor, The Lazy Sunset :icondreamweaverofchaos:DreamweaverofChaos 4 1
Mature content
Rebirth of a God :icondreamweaverofchaos:DreamweaverofChaos 3 1
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Mature content
Bonny, Djinni of Muscle Growth and Random Carrots :icondreamweaverofchaos:DreamweaverofChaos 4 4
Cupcake YCH: Chunky Hunky Oreo Bonny by DreamweaverofChaos Cupcake YCH: Chunky Hunky Oreo Bonny :icondreamweaverofchaos:DreamweaverofChaos 2 1 YCH cupcakes by DreamweaverofChaos YCH cupcakes :icondreamweaverofchaos:DreamweaverofChaos 1 2 Kamishiba Cupcakes: Sealuv Sea-salt Blueberry  by DreamweaverofChaos Kamishiba Cupcakes: Sealuv Sea-salt Blueberry :icondreamweaverofchaos:DreamweaverofChaos 3 2 The Wildstorm Wishmaker by DreamweaverofChaos The Wildstorm Wishmaker :icondreamweaverofchaos:DreamweaverofChaos 4 1 The Great Chaos Pharaoh  by DreamweaverofChaos The Great Chaos Pharaoh :icondreamweaverofchaos:DreamweaverofChaos 8 0 A cute Kamishiba welcome!  by DreamweaverofChaos A cute Kamishiba welcome! :icondreamweaverofchaos:DreamweaverofChaos 7 2 Wishes of Sibling Harmony by DreamweaverofChaos Wishes of Sibling Harmony :icondreamweaverofchaos:DreamweaverofChaos 7 2 The Roar of Shadow by DreamweaverofChaos The Roar of Shadow :icondreamweaverofchaos:DreamweaverofChaos 4 2
The Big Man of the Island
-A story of Angelo screwing things up in a huge way-
It is yet another warm, sunny day on the island of Kat'kuiay, when we find a wild teenage warrior from the indigenous tribe roaming about the jungle in search of something. This young man, with a deep, dark bronze, muscular body and hair as brown as mud, is known as Angelo, and he's on a mission of mischief and power. "That damn flower just HAS to be here somewhere! I followed the map perfectly. I've just gotta have it if I'm ever gonna teach that jerk a lesson" he says to himself. See, Angelo is angry as he was told off, and practically insulted, by his older brother and head of their tribe, Kiiano. He was supposed to go on a special mission to one of the neighboring isles, but Kiiano took his place, using his authority as well as beating Angelo in a sparring match when he was challenged by his younger bro. So after they left, an angry Angelo snuck into the cave of the tribe's Witch Doctor, and stole a map leading to the supposed lo
:icondreamweaverofchaos:DreamweaverofChaos 0 0
Imaginary Friend
I always appear when you need me,
usually if you're feeling down.
I try to make you happy,
And help console you when you frown.
I'm you're imaginary friend,
To help when your day is rotten.
I'd be there for you till the end
But I'll usually be forgotten.
But the issue with being fiction,
Is that in truth I'm physical.
I bleed and sweat and cry with emotion.
Just like every one of y'all.
But I'm here as the shoulder to cry on,
Until you need me to be who you hate.
I may annoy you till you want me gone,
Just because that is my ultimate fate.
I don't mind it really,
I've come to terms with that.
It's just my reality,
Like Link with his trademark hat.
Isn't it sad though you may not see,
I give my all just to be forgot.
Isn't it sad that I'm imaginary,
When the fact is.... I'm not?
:icondreamweaverofchaos:DreamweaverofChaos 1 1


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QB and Cheerleader :iconmarquis-de-rent:Marquis-de-Rent 171 20
commission#3 by Marquis-de-Rent commission#3 :iconmarquis-de-rent:Marquis-de-Rent 86 8 commission#4 by Marquis-de-Rent
Mature content
commission#4 :iconmarquis-de-rent:Marquis-de-Rent 52 10
New Stuff and Patreon
Thanks for all the feedback and well wishes hehe. Now that I'm out of college I'm pretty much an artist part time now hehe. I'll mainly be working on artwork and making my game on the side. I'll sometimes have art streams, mainly on Tuesdays, I'll post a picture stating that I'm streaming with the link and whatnot before hand.
In my free time I've been DMing D&D 5th Edition games. They've been pretty fun hehe. Though my current campaign I'm thinking about postponing because of some issues. Mainly I have a main character while I'm also DMing and he's mostly become a puppet instead of a character. My players are also pretty interested in another setting I have either way. I'm new to beign a Dungeon Master so I've been making a lot of mistakes hehe.
Besides that haven't been doing much else in my off time besides playing video games. Mostly Smite, it's a pretty good MOBA, and Persona 5 hehehe.
Hope everyone's been doing well and are having a nice start to the Summer hehe.
In other new
:iconjuacamo:Juacamo 2 9
Hyper Naruto by toluenesister by Etherious01
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Hyper Naruto by toluenesister :iconetherious01:Etherious01 12 14
Spadx89 OC [Dash] by Dosuo
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Trying something different by Dosuo
Mature content
Trying something different :icondosuo:Dosuo 37 29
I'll get to the bottom of this... by The-Green-Mint I'll get to the bottom of this... :iconthe-green-mint:The-Green-Mint 7 121 Red Beans Month: Still not over it, huh? by PockyBloo Red Beans Month: Still not over it, huh? :iconpockybloo:PockyBloo 27 1



Solpor, The Lazy Sunset
So I finally got my own Kamishiba, whom I'm calling Solpor. A lazy and mellow glowing Kamishiba that looks like a sunset sky. Not sure if he's bred or wished though.

He was an orphaned egg that rolled away from the town he was left at and rested by a hill, hatching during a sunset, which would be the first thing he saw. Realizing no one was around to greet him. But he didn't care that much. He felt calm and relaxed in the dim glow of Dusk. Most of the time he would be sleepy or walk around lazily. Sometimes making other Kamishiba feel tired and lethargic too by accident lol.

At night little star fleck designs glow on his back, showing him off in a warm calming glow that attracts others to just sit and relax with him.

One day he was resting on the roof of a house when someone blocked his sun, he opened his eyes to see a strange bipedal creature with only bright red fur on his head. the creature sits with the youth and just chills with him and petting him. The creature introduced himself as Amaranth, and told the young one that he would like to adopt the little Kamishiba being like his caretaker and godfather. The Kamishiba lazily said "sure... yawn.. whatever." And was given the name Solpor, meaning "Sunset". Solpor was fine being alone. But he's also fine relaxing with something similar to a family.

Kamishiba are owned by :iconmad-izoku:
Solpor was gifted to me by :iconkenothewolf:
Come join b3astbeat's Kiriban…
So with the encouragement of friends, I've decided to start up writing commissions. I've been writing some for a while now, so I guess nows a good time as any to write for others.

Examples of my work can be found here in my gallery, but also my Clan page on a site called Flight Rising:…

I'll be offering commissions in slots. Just to be safe I'll start with 2 slots and I'll open more slots when these are done. Commissioned stories will be priced at $10 via PayPal plus 15% for anything more than 3 pages worth. So 15% per page.  I will also accept points of 500 plus 100 points for each page after 3. And just to be a sport, watchers who share this journal and show me in notes will receive a 50% discount on their first story purchase.

I'll write just about anything however any NSFW stuff will not be posted onto my DA. But if you wish you may post those on a tumblr should you have one.

1: :iconcoreypeters163:


My first slots are open so please come give me a shot.

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The Rebirth of a God
A (possible future) tale by Amaranth Anhrefn

        It was a Wednesday like any other. The air was crisp, the leaves were starting to become crisp yellows, reds, and browns, and the sky was clear without any rain to deal with. To Robert , this was the absolute perfect day. He breathed in and exhaled a sigh of contentment. "This truly has been a good day~. ", he said to himself, "I've been getting good comments on DA, I had a really great workout, and there's been no rain for 3 whole weeks. What could be better?" Robert decided to sit down and watch some YouTube, when suddenly he heard a knock on his apartment door. "Hmm? Who could that be? I'm not expecting anyone....". He had an expression of confusion and worry as he went to the door, for his apartment buildings doors weren't fashioned with peepholes and he would have to open the door to actually see who it was. With intense trepidation, Robert slowly opened the door and began to look through.
      "Who is it?",  he asked with a small hint of fear, but then looked in confusion, shock and curiosity.  On the other side of the door, standing right in front of him was what seemed to be a cartoon character. Flaming red messy hair, golden eyes reflecting a rainbow, around 5 ft 11in, and a strange torn outfit that looks like a straight jacket. Even weirder was he wasn't wearing anything on his feet and it was a little hot on the concrete. He flashed Robert a wild smile, "WHY HELLOOOOOOO Robby! It's soooo great to finally meet you!", the strange boy exclaimed getting right in Robert's face. It took all his willpower not to slam the door on this freak's face, and yet he also was trying to remember who this is as he seems......familiar somehow. "Are you gonna keep thinking or may I come in ? " he asked a bit impatiently, snapping Robert out of his stupor as he moved out of the way to invite the man in. When he was out of the way he watched in shock and awe as the strange person suddenly began to float 4 inches off the ground and drift into the apartment then just laid in the air. Robert couldn't believe what was happening, he must've been dehydrated or something. "Nice place you got here. Reminds me of one of the places my dad used to live in." this strange...thing... said as he floated, looking around the room. That's when Robert had had enough and yelled, "Alright, who the fuck are you and why the hell are you in my house?!"  He looks at Robert in confusion, and then starts to laugh like a madman, which he probably was. "Hahaha oh...oh my...that's hilarious. You seriously can't recognize me NN? It's me, Jordan but I prefer Amaranth now." The moment he said that, Robert recognized this as the avatar/persona of Jordan, username DreamweaverofChaos , his friend from DA and one of his "followers". Then he realized something else, "oh my god... You're floating.... You have magic? Magic is real?!?" He had to lean against the wall so that he didn't loose balance as he put a hand on his head trying to take this all in. Amaranth giggled at Robert's mental turmoil, "Its very funny watching your thoughts crash like that, but let me get down to brass tacks." With a snap of Amaranth's fingers, Robert suddenly appeared sitting on his couch, still freaked out . "Wh-whats going on? Why are you like that?! How can yommmph mmph" suddenly his mouth was closed shut as Amaranth started with a discontented annoyed look. He stopped talking but was still visibly agitated and the red-haired lad began to speak.
      "Alright look, you recall the story I told you once correct? About Chaos? Well it happened. I have reawakened and my powers are beginning to seep into the physical plane. Basically, I'm EVERYTHING or at least I soon will be. Even in my current state I'm like a god among gods. Which means I have the power I need to help you" he says calmly as he points to Robert at the end of that sentence. He nods to show the wild-haired man he understands, thinking of where this is going. "Basically I am telling you that it's possible to make you whole again. As I stated before you are Priapus. THE Priapus. Son of Dionysus. However when you were reborn as a mortal your essence was separated to create many lesser Priapi. Some who maintain livestock and gardens, others who maintain masculinity and some who help people embrace their sexuality or enjoying sexual actions. It would take forever to make them all return to you, but because of what I am, they don't have to. I can grant you full godhood again. But you will no longer be Priapus. You are still Dionysus' kid and will be a God among the priapi ,but you will not be the person you once were. You will be the one you've defined yourself as, who you deep down knew you were. If you're willing to let me, I will truly make you Mimey. Just know that if I do this, your life can never be the same again." Robert thought carefully and slowly nodded. Amaranth nodded and breathed deep, "Alright. Let's begin."
         Amaranth began to slowly move his hand around in random directions which made Robert think he was just doing weird stretches or Tai chi. But as he looked he noticed a strange multicolored mist coalescing around the youth, and could feel the power emanating from him too. Amaranth started moving closer to him and was slowing down his hand gestures until he was right in front of Robert. "Before this happens...... W-will it hurt?" Robert asked nervously, to which Amaranth only chuckled and softly said, "Only if you want it to". And with that, Amaranth grasped the older male's shoulders and the energy started seeping into his body, sending surges of intense power coursing through him. Robert's heart was racing and his body spasmed as suddenly he could see and feel his muscles beginning to swell and thicken upon his arms. His biceps swelling to the size of basketballs without him even flexing, legs exploding into thick thighs and swollen calves, he felt his back begin to broaden and his pecs spreading into big slabs upon his chest, and his abdominals were forming an impressive ten pack as all his body fat burned and melted away. His bones were aching as they grew and lengthened to catch up to his body, making him get taller and helping him get more muscular. As this was happening, Amaranth lightly tapped the middle of his chest and Robbert could feel his insides explode with power, his mind overflowing with memories of his past. He remembered his birth, his death, his reincarnation, he remembered he was Priapus and how to use his powers. But he also had memories of the things he did as Mimey. His son Eric, Planet Aaron, all of his friends.... he began to understand. The surges stopped, but he still felt power, he looked at and felt himself in awe, marveling at the change done to him, he truly was a god now, a god reborn. "I was always this wasn't I? Everything I wrote actually happened in this life." Mimey asked. Amaranth smiled softly, "Yes Mimey, it has happened. You have a beautiful young son, Planet Aaron does in fact drift around in space near Earth or at least a part of it, and you have friends there waiting for you". Mimey already knew what to do and with a wave of his hand he was now standing on a warm surface. Looking around he already recognized it as his property on Aaron, where he saw the front door open and a familiar young face ran through to greet him. "Daddy! You're home!" Eric yelped with joy as he jumped toward his father who instinctively caught him with strong open arms and lightly teared up at the most beautiful sight. "Yes son.... I'm home. " Mimey quietly spoke holding his little demigod close. Suddenly he noticed other voices coming from behind. "Hey! Mimey's here" Up towards him came running all his friends/OCs Bryce, Samson, Officers Jacklyn and Daniel, and everyone else, even "Phil". Mimey smiled and when they came, grabbed them all in a big bear hug, "I guess I've been missed." he jokingly said. "Well you were always HALF here. Which I should arrest you for keeping us all in suspense so often." Jacklyn said with a huff, to which Daniel nodded. "But now he's really here guys. And We can really have a good flex-off just god vs elf!" exclaimed Bryce Indarra as he already began to flex his muscles. Mimey chuckled as they all began talking more and more, noticing Amaranth in the distance who nodded towards him and vanished. He knew the Chaosling would come back, but for now he was left to enjoy his reunion with himself and his true family.
         For the next few weeks Mimey would truly introduce himself to his friends on Earth and began integrating Planet Aaron in between the astral and physical planes so people from both sides could come and live on Aaron should they wish. He started gaining pilgrims and many worshippers, but for quite a while he spent time at home with Eric and his little entourage, embracing his blessing granted by Amaranth. He knew that he wouldn't have to worry about anything and could be at peace and be his true self. And so ends the story of Robert, but begins a brand new chapter in the tale of Mimey.

     The End
Rebirth of a God
This is a story I was working on for :iconthenn:

I was hoping to have it done by his DA anniversary. But I suffered some writers block, which brought quite a delay.... I finally finished today. Happy Late anniversary Mimey. This is to you.
DTA submission
Here's my entry for the Milky Quartz drop DTA. I view it as a guy that enjoys being childish when he's around gems or crystals so he would usually just play around with them lol. I think he'd be a very carefree spirit and very generous. If I win I would love to expand on their story.

Kamishibas are closed species by :iconmad-izoku: 

heres the DTA
Come join b3astbeat's Kiriban…


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